Purpose-Driven Leadership

Purpose-Driven Leadership

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Purpose-driven leaders rally both organizations and people around something bigger than themselves. Purpose (the “something bigger”) is the reason organizations exist, decisions are made and actions are taken. Purpose starts by asking why. Leaders then align why with who and who with what and how. In other words, effective leaders align purpose with people and outcomes. Leaders scale purpose by creating and committing to a cause that is embraced and evangelized by others. In the absence of purpose, leaders run the risk of falling victim to ego and greed.

“Leaders” that value self-interest over service do not understand true leadership. When leaders surrender to purpose, it guides their approach to leadership. True leadership is about contributing to and working on something bigger than yourself while leading others to a better place. For most people, success is about adding value to yourself (achieving personal goals). In contrast, significance is about adding value to others (helping people achieve their goals and realize their full potential). Leaders cannot have real success without significance. Significance requires purpose.

The manner, method and motivation behind any pursuit is what differentiates effective leadership. Purpose attracts talent, creates culture and fuels leaders. Purpose drives profit, but profit rarely drives purpose. While leaders can be successful only pursuing profit, it is rarely sustainable. Leaders must ultimately transform themselves from being profit-driven to purpose-driven. People can be rallied around many things, but none is more powerful than purpose. Purpose enables organizations and people to endure all things. Great leaders have purpose, average leaders go to work.

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  1. Kerry Lavater says:

    This post is actually a nice and useful piece of information.


  2. Lucy Jenyns says:

    I am regular reader of your website. You deserve to be in the top ten.


  3. David Holm says:

    This post is great. I learned a lot.


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