Stable Leadership: A Steady Calm

Stable Leadership: A Steady Calm

Effective leaders demonstrate stability, as well as a stabilizing influence on others. Stability is the quality that conveys leaders are not easily changed or likely to change. Stable leaders display a humble confidence, steady calm and sure hand. They model consistency that organizations and people both want and need. Net: Stable leaders engender trust and inspire belief in their capacity and competence. In contrast, ineffective leaders are inconsistent and unstable. Inconsistency and instability create unnecessary anxiety, discord and tension within the organization.

Performance is also negatively impacted when leaders make impulsive decisions. Impulsive decisions can be described as hasty, quick or rash. Impulsivity creates a distraction for people and interrupts their focus. In fact, impulsive decisions are most often caused by leaders lacking focus or being focused on the wrong things.  As stated above, consistency and stability from leaders has a positive impact on organizations and people. While you may not always agree with a consistent and stable leader, you always know where you stand and what matters to them.

Below are four characteristics of stable leadership. They include:
1 – Compassion. Stable leaders believe that success is rooted in the care and well-being of those they lead.
2 – Preparation. Stable leaders link performance to preparation, including training, growth and development.
3 – Trust. Stable leaders are candid and do what they say and say what they do.
4 – Values. Stable leaders make decisions and take action based on their values, not their emotions.

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2 Responses to Stable Leadership: A Steady Calm

  1. Monty Johnson says:

    Great post!


  2. Ed Paobu says:

    I wish more leaders operated with a steady hand as you describe.


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