Benioff’s Seven Principles for High-Growth

Benioff's Seven Principles to High-Growth

Marc Benioff is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of In the last 15 years, has grown from a startup launched in an apartment in San Francisco to $4B per year in annual revenue. In his book, Beyond the Cloud, Benioff discusses the seven principles below for creating high-growth organizations. They are:

  1. Define culture and values up front. Keep people fulfilled and happy for the best possible company and product.
  2. Defy convention. Think differently in everything that you do.
  3. Have a big dream. Believe in it passionately and be ready to constantly defend it.
  4. Listen to prospective clients. Ask them questions; observe them; and respond to their needs.
  5. Pursue top talent as if your success depends on it. It does!
  6. Think bigger. Think big even when you are small.
  7. Work only on what is important. Focus on the 20% that will make 80% of the difference.

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