Five Benchmarks of High-Growth Sales Teams

Five Benchmarks of High-Growth Sales Teams

What do high-growth sales teams do to outperform the competition? What do the best salespeople do to differentiate themselves from the pack? HubSpot and InsightSquared recently released an Infrographic entitled, “New SaaS Benchmarks that Flip Conventional Wisdom on its Head.” The below benchmarks help answer these questions.

  1. High-growth sales team close fewer deals. High-growth sales teams generate 40% more leads each month than average sales teams, but create 60% fewer opportunities. As a result, their sales funnels look more like a martini glass than a traditional upside-down pyramid. Even though they create fewer opportunities
  2. High-growth sales teams close much larger deals. High-growth sales teams close deals that are 2.8X larger on average than low-growth sales teams. They also achieve 20% higher productivity by generating more leads, qualifying them thoroughly and targeting fewer, larger opportunities in the pipeline.
  3. Larger deals have drawbacks. Larger deals have 1.4X longer sales cycles than average deals. Larger deals also require 30% more work than average deals as measured by activities logged in CRM. Larger deals also have 20% lower win rates than average deals. However, they are still worth the drawbacks because …
  4. Larger deals return more money per unit of effort. While larger deals require more effort and come through less frequently, they yield a 1.7X higher return than average deals. Thus, high-growth sales teams work diligently to weed out small opportunities, so that they can focus exclusively on the biggest, most profitable ones.
  5. The best salespeople win 80% more deals than average salespeople. The best salespeople work more opportunities while maintaining the same sales cycle and win rates as the average sales team. In addition, the best salespeople increase their overall bookings by winning deals slightly larger than average.

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