Core Values = What is Value

Core Values = What is Value

What is value? Value is the real or perceived belief that something is worth more than its cost. Value can only be created when two or more people have a shared concept about what is important. If a product or service is important to one person, another person must also believe it is important to agree on its worth. Values dictate value. Before a person can create value for his or her organization, that person’s core values (what they find important) must align with the organization’s core values (what the organization finds important).

Core values are descriptive behaviors that guide how decisions are made and what actions are taken. While strategy and tactics may change over time, core values do not. Core values are the foundation of knowing who you are and what you are about. For organizations, values drive vision; vision drives mission; mission drives strategy; strategy drive objectives; objectives drive tactics; and tactics drive performance. Performance ultimately drives an explanation of who we are, what we do and why we matter as an organization to those outside of it.

Why is this important? Most people passively wait to be discovered (to create or demonstrate value to others) versus actively search for the right organization or team (to join a place with shared core values). They end up working alone in isolation without attaching themselves to either the organization or its people. If personal values and organizational values are disconnected, people often end up intentionally or unintentionally cut off. Organizations and their people must bound by a set of core values to create value. Values dictate value.

All contents copyright © 2014, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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