Business Scale in Sales

Business Scale in Sales

During the 12 years that I spent at Microsoft, scale was drilled into me every day. In sales, to avoid duplicated or unnecessary roles being utilized, scale means only the right people at the right time are involved in a client engagement. This standard ensures the highest and best use of each person’s time is taken into consideration.

Why is scale important in the sales process? Every organization has limited resources, especially people. If duplicated or unnecessary roles are utilized, there is a significant opportunity cost to be paid. These resources are not out working to acquire new clients or add other value to the business.

Sales leaders should regularly assess how effective their organizations are at scale. Over-resourcing client engagements is often the result of a lack of capability and/or confidence in one or more members of the team. These situations are coaching, readiness and training opportunities to ensure the right organizational capability is achieved.

Scale Questions:
* How can you grow both market share and revenue by X% with Y% less resources?
* What people, process and technology can you re-align to deliver more with the same resources?

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