How Competitive is Your Sales Organization?

How Competitive is Your Sales Organization?

During the 2014 SAVO Sales Enablement Summit in Chicago, IL, Joseph Galvin, Chief Research Officer at Miller Heiman, presented on the Pursuit of World Class Sales Performance. During his presentation, Galvin listed the “seven attributes of world class competitive sales organizations.” According to Galvin, WC competitive sales organizations:

  1. Are focused on results. Close calls and nice tries do not matter.
  2. Believe nothing beats winning. Second place is the first loser.
  3. Compete every day. They always play to win.
  4. Love to compete. In business, cards, sports, etc.
  5. Never cheat. Cheating is not competing, it is cheating.
  6. Practice hard. They do not practice until they get it right. They practice until they cannot get it wrong.
  7. Want to compete against the best. It is the only way to get better.

How does your sales organization stack up?

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