Respond Fast to Prospects

Respond Fast to Prospects

The faster an SDR responds to a prospect, the higher the chance of connecting with and qualifying them.

When doing sales development, the industry best practice is to respond fast – within 1-3 minutes – to inbound or returned calls, emails, texts, etc. to ensure the highest chance of connecting with and qualifying target prospects. In fact, an SDR’s odds of success increase with the speed of the response time. For example, one minute at 391% versus one hour at 36% versus one day at 17%. Why? Prospects want immediate gratification. If an SDR calls a prospect later today or tomorrow, the prospect has already moved on to the next thing.

Respond Fast to Prospects
Respond Fast to Prospects
Source: Velocify

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  1. Steve Spiller says:

    Great data. Thanks for sharing!


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  3. Ramona Garvan says:

    Excellent post.


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