Sales Cadence for High-Performance

Sales Cadence for High-Performance

A repeatable, scalable sales process drives predictable revenue growth. Part of creating predictability and repeatability is having a consistent sales cadence to reinforce and support the process. A sales cadence is the frequency or sequence of events that occur over a specific period of time to manage and share information with individuals and teams. A predefined, thoughtful sales cadence is a critical element of successful sales leadership. Note: When I was at Microsoft, we used the phrase “rhythm of the business” (or ROB) versus sales cadence – both mean the same.

An effective sales cadence takes into account the following areas: business reporting, forecasting reviews, people development, pipeline reviews, product training, sales meetings, strategic planning, etc. Great sales leaders implement and manage a consistent sales cadence with a well-defined purpose. That is, do we have the right strategy in place to win? Do we have the right operating model in place to execute the strategy? Do we have the right people in the right roles to execute the operating model? An effective sales cadence provides the “glue” to answer these three questions.

In organizations without a consistent sales cadence, routine meetings (one-on-ones, etc.) regularly get rescheduled causing frustration and resentment. Important meetings like forecasting reviews are also held infrequently versus every week to reinforce discipline and performance. When these types of meetings are held, they are usually at a moment’s notice causing significant stress and work for sellers. In addition, if commitments are made during them, accountability and follow up often lack. Remember, consistently and predictability drive performance. Be consistent.

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