Exceed Quota Every Month

Exceed Quota Every Month

Most salespeople underestimate the amount of activity and effort it will take to achieve the business and revenue results that they want. To consistently achieve or exceed their targets, salespeople must continually take massive action. The 10X Rule (via sales expert Grant Cardone) states that when you want to achieve a specific result, you must take action equal to at least ten times what you think will be necessary to realize it. That is, whatever activity you think you will need to do to accomplish something, plan to operate at ten times that level.

For example, if you want to close $10K in MRR this month, you need to operate at a level to close $100K. What target would you rather fall short on: $10K (1X) or $100K (10X)? The 10X Rule is important because nine times out of ten, when a salesperson’s current activity does not get them closer to their goal, they lower their target. When the new goal becomes too difficult, they then lower it again. Rather than lowering their expectations, salespeople must increase their level of activity. Never compromise because compromise creates mediocrity.

There are four types of action: 1) No action. The salesperson does nothing, which results in nothing. 2) Normal action. The salesperson takes normal action and accepts the status quo. 3) Wrong action. The salesperson works on low priority activities that result in minimal contribution. 4) Massive action. The salesperson takes the right action on the right things at levels and quantities well above normal. Most salespeople fail to hit their quota targets because they take the wrong action. The amount of success achieved is only limited by the type of action taken.

How does a salesperson know if they are taking enough action? They create new problems for themselves. What type of problems? The salesperson has to add days to their travel schedule due to high customer demand. Or, peers of the salesperson criticize them for being too aggressive or working too hard. Disregard them. Continue to raise the bar. Remember, receiving criticism is a sign of success and hearing that you are working too hard is what average salespeople say to feel better about their own deficiencies or to justify the status quo.

When salespeople take the wrong type of action, every delay or lost deal is painful because they do not have anything to replace it. When salespeople take massive action, a buyer backing out of a deal is not the end of the world because they have a significant pipeline with multiple opportunities to replace it. Only when salespeople are 100% committed will they get the attention they need and support they want from others. If goals and targets do not excessively preoccupy a salesperson’s thoughts, how can they expect them to preoccupy the thoughts of others?

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  1. Sanny T. says:

    Hi – There is so much double-speak in the above post it is easy to imagine the writer having a chuckle to himself as he writes it. It makes me 10x nauseous. – Sanny T.


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