Why Hiring for Ambition Matters

Ambitious People, What is Ambition?, Why Hiring for Ambition Matters

Ambitious people have an excessive desire for achievement or distinction (income, title, etc.), which they combine with massive action in pursuit of their goals and targets. Ambitious people demonstrate a willingness to do whatever it takes to make things happen versus wait for them to happen. Leaders who want their organizations and people to operate with greater ambition must understand that it starts with them. Ambition must become a core value that is consistently demonstrated and rewarded. It must also be something that people are hired and fired for.

Why is ambition important? Because it significantly impacts performance. For example, weak performers put in .5X the time and .5X the effort. When you multiply .5X by .5X, you get .25X the result. Average performers (if you are lucky) put in 1X the time and 1X the effort. When you multiple 1X by 1X, you get 1X the result. Strong performers; i.e., people with ambition, put in 2X the time and 2X the effort. When you multiple 2X by 2X, you get 4X the result. Over time, strong performers do 1500% better than weak performers and 300% better than average performers.

People with ambition consistently demonstrate seven characteristics that should be regularly developed. The seven characteristics include: 1) They are all in; 2) They are committed to development and growth; 3) They are driven by purpose; 4) They are goal-oriented; 5) They have massive work ethic; 6) They see problems as opportunities; and 7) They take massive action. Ambitious people do not want to just be good, they demand to be great. Look for people who consistently demonstrate the seven characteristics and help them develop and grow in these areas.

Ambitious people should also be protected; otherwise, people who lack ambition may adversely influence them. Why? When people settle they want others to do the same. Lack of ambition looks like: You are okay with average or below average performance; you get in late and leave early; you procrastinate versus act. Lack of ambition sounds like: “Will you ever be satisfied?” “You never go out to lunch anymore.” “You work too hard.” If people are not ambitious enough, get rid of them. There is no shortage of money or opportunity, only people willing to go after it.

All contents copyright © 2016, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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