Ten Leadership Lessons from Jack Welch

Ten Leadership Lessons from Jack Welch

… You Do Not Want to Learn the Hard Way

  1. Attracting, developing and retaining world-class talent is a never-ending job.
  2. Be generous by love seeing each person on your team earn raises, get promoted and grow personally.
  3. Consistent, focused and simple communication travels faster and is understood better by the organization.
  4. Continuous learning is critical for success — make it a priority.
  5. Creating an environment of candor and trust is a must.
  6. Differentiation breeds meritocracy, sameness breeds mediocrity.
  7. In a performance culture, actions have to have consequences, both negative and positive.
  8. There is nothing more developmental and illuminating than dealing with adversity.
  9. You must distinguish between coachable development needs in your people and fatal flaws.
  10. Your company’s values and your personal values must be compatible.

All contents copyright © 2016, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


3 Responses to Ten Leadership Lessons from Jack Welch

  1. Amanda Bell says:

    Very well written and well thought out article!


  2. Sterling Garrett says:

    It is good to see people like you take the time to spell out an issue or problem, followed by providing valuable direction as to how to address it. Thank you.


  3. Melissa Woolston says:

    Excellent article, very well written and too the point!


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