How to Master Sales Follow Up

Mastering Sales Follow Up

According to research by CTT, 48% of sales people never follow up with prospects. While we are taught early in life not to bother or pester people, sales success requires following up. For example, 80% of new sales require five to 12 contacts before closing a deal. However, the average sales person contacts a new prospect one to two times before stopping. If 48% of sales people never follow up and the average sales person follows up one to two times, having strong follow up skills creates a significant selling advantage against the compeition.

Follow Up = Commitment + Creativity + Frequency


  • Follow up. Forty-eight percent of sales people never follow up with prospects. Never make reasons for not calling them (e.g., Monday is a bad day to connect). Be unreasonable about following up.
  • Follow up fast. If you follow up within the first 60 seconds of receiving a lead, you increase your chances of conversion by 320%. Use speed to your advantage. Speed equals certainty with prospects.


  • Have a reason to follow up. Always have clear intent and state your purpose up front with the prospect. “The reason that I am calling you is __.” Each contact should add value and build trust.
  • Have a variety of reasons to follow up. Share relevant data and information. Connect prospects to customers that have solved similar problems. Etc. If you do not have a variety of reasons, you will stop following up.


  • Follow up often. Eighty present of sales are made between the fifth and 12th call. Never complain about prospects not calling you back or picking up the phone. Be persistent.
  • Use multiple channels to follow up. Always leave a voicemail and send an email. Incorporate pictures, social, text and video where appropriate. If you are not first in the prospect’s mind, you might as well be last.

The follow up formula enables you to build dependability and trustworthiness with prospects while helping them continue to move forward to address issues and solve problems. It also enables you to remain top-of-mind with prospects versus letting other sellers fill the space. Forty-eight percent of sales people never follow up with prospects and the average sales person only follows up one to two times with them. Use the follow up formula [Follow Up = Commitment + Creativity + Frequency] to create significant advantage against the competition.

All contents copyright © 2016, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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  1. Robert Konsavage says:

    Great article, I will continue to look at your information as a valuable source!


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