Automation versus Orchestration

Automation versus Orchestration

DevOps is responsible for configuring and provisioning IT infrastructure, including application, database and web servers. One of the key value propositions of DevOps is getting applications up-and-running quickly in production environments. How do they do it? Automation and orchestration. What is the difference? Automation describes a task completed without human intervention. Orchestration describes the arrangement and coordination of automated tasks completed without human intervention resulting in a consolidated process or workflow.

To illustrate: Several tasks need to be completed to spin-up IT infrastructure to host a new application; e.g., launch virtual instances, load balancers, etc. All of these tasks can be completed through automation. However, these tasks must occur in a particular order, which is where orchestration is key. While creating orchestration templates in tools like AWS CloudFormation can be time consuming, they simplify and de-risk process and enable continuous delivery/integration while lowering costs. Automation is one task completed. Orchestrate is multiple tasks completed.

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