Practicing Sales to Win

Practicing Sales to Win

“Never practice in front of customers.” – Grant Cardone

Professional sports teams spend 90% of their time practicing for games and 10% playing in them. In contrast, professional sales teams spend 99% of their time selling to customers (playing in games) and 1% practicing for them. Just as professional sports teams consistently practice to win, so should professional sales teams.

Practice is repeatedly doing an activity to improve or maintain a skill. Practice should be designed to improve a specific area through repetition while utilizing feedback. Practice should also be mentally demanding and is usually not enjoyable. The goal of practice is to increase capability.

While training is focused on learning, practice is focused on improving. Combine sales methodology and process training with practice. Turn sales meetings into practice sessions. Share information and recognize top performance, but spend the majority of time on practicing. Practice increases confidence, knowledge and motivation.

Organizations and people do not stay the same, they atrophy. To keep them growing and improving, focus on practice. Stop managing the team and start coaching them with practice. Salespeople should continually ask, would I buy from myself? If not, help them make the necessary adjustments through practice.

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