Maintaining Broad Perspective

Maintaining Broad Perspective

Effective leaders have a broad perspective and view of the business. They know that when operational plans need to be created to execute strategy, the best course of action is to delegate the process to the right people and teams to maximize buy-in and ownership. They also know that they should participate in and supervise the planning process, but not get overly involved in the details. By not getting overly involved in the details, they maintain broad perspective of the mission while preserving their ability to step back and identify holes and weaknesses in the plan.

Effective leaders know that if they get too far in the weeds, they end up having the same perspective as their people and team and end up adding minimal to no value to them. As a result, they maximize their value by maintaining a broader, higher-level perspective while guiding and coaching during the planning process. By maintaining a broader, higher-level perspective, they ultimately end up being deemed tactical experts within the organization because their people and teams consistently demonstrate both operational planning and execution success.

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