Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears, David Goggins

Your mind has a tactical advantage over you. It knowns your strengths and weaknesses, and will always guide you to your comfort zone unless you reprogram it.

It is a common leadership practice to help people maximize their strengths and manage their weaknesses. However, retired United States Navy SEAL turned ultra-marathon runner turned motivational speaker, David Goggins, believes people should “triple down on their weaknesses,” including their fears and insecurities, to increase their capability and potential. Goggins says, what you are afraid of, you avoid, so stop running from your fears and face them. He further states, what you fear will own you more than if you just focus on maximizing your strengths.

Goggins advises to look into the “accountability mirror, and call yourself out.” Make a list of what you do not like to do and start doing it. If you are afraid of cold calling, make 100 cold calls per day until you get over it. Theorists read and talk about what to do. Practitioners do it. Practitioners become experts at what they fear most. They learn to control their mindset while “enduring pain and suffering long enough to overcome their fear.” Stop losing the game before you play it due to fear and insecurity. Gain an advantage by developing mental toughness through facing your fears.

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