The Mind is The Matrix

The Mind is The Matrix

The mind is The Matrix is a concept by entrepreneur Tim Bilyeu. In the movie, The Matrix is simulated reality. In real life, the mind also creates reality. It controls everything that you think, see and do. If you think in terms of abundance, you will give more than you receive. If you think in terms of scarcity, you will take more than you give. Net: How you think influences your perspective and your perspective influences how you act.

Bilyeu makes another analogy: Water is so ubiquitous to fish that it ceases to exist to them. The same is true with the mind. That is, your mindset is so ingrained in who you are that you do not even notice it. It is either helping you get what you want in life or holding you back. Once you gain an awareness of your mindset, you can change positively anything. It is about what you want to do or who you want to become and the price you are willing to pay to achieve it.

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Five Keys to Mind Wealth

Five Keys to Mind Wealth

Robb Thompson is the founder and president of Family Harvest International. According to Thompson, all people experience things that distract, hinder or paralyze them. While people hope the associated thoughts will go away, they often do not. Accordingly, Thompson recommends five keys to mind wealth. They are:

  1. Whoever controls your mind controls your future.
  2. The transformation of one’s life is directly proportionate to the alteration of one’s mind.
  3. Your heart is the soil where your thoughts bring forth action.
  4. Our behavior is a direct reflection of our self-image.
  5. Your future wealth lives in the confines of your mind.

Thompson’s Takeaways: Clearly visualize what you want. Turn your feelings into thoughts and add belief to what you are thinking. Turn your thoughts into action to achieve what you want.

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