Executing with Strategic Speed

Executing with Strategic Speed   

In the new era of business, the speed of decision-making and execution must happen faster. Bad news should always travel quickly within an organization. There should never be an issue – competitive, customer, people, etc. – that does not get escalated and addressed in a timely manner. Speed matters.

Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of GE, believes that simplicity drives speed. He advocates being a ruthless simplifier of the business by reducing things down to their simplest form. By using clear, empowering language, action and decisions happen faster. Welch believes that you cannot have speed without simplicity.

Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft, also believes in speed. In contrast to Welch, Turner advocates to stop talking about simplicity and start focusing on speed. If you focus on speed, things will simplify themselves. Simplification will not get you speed, but speed will get you simplification.

The speed of learning is also critical in today’s hyper competitive world. The speed of learning includes what you learn and how long it takes you to learn it. Did something take four months to learn when it could have taken four days? The speed of learning is only limited by the speed of feedback. The faster, the better.

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