Marketing MUST be Authentic

Marketing MUST be Authentic

“Authenticity is the benchmark against which all [companies] are now judged.”
– John Grant, The New Marketing Manifesto

Marketing must be authentic to be effective. When it is authentic, customers will engage with you and remember you when it is time to buy. Marketing is authentic when: 1) It is focused on customers, not products and 2) It is focused on solving problems and creating impact, not functionality and features. As Steve Jobs said, “Marketing is about value.” The business world is complicated and noisy. Companies must be very clear about what they want customers to know and remember about them when given the opportunity.

To be authentic is to be real. The key question is, Who is your company and what does it stand for? Steve Jobs knew that Apple was not about making boxes for people to do their jobs. One of Apple’s core values was that people with passion can change the world. Jobs believed that Apple was about creating tools for these people, so their marketing reflected that core value; e.g., “Think Different.” Helping passionate people change the world was authentic for Apple. Talking about how Apple was better than Windows PCs would have been inauthentic.

Authentic marketing makes customers feel that you think like them and have walked in their shoes. The message is not focused on what the product does. It is focused on how customers can use it to solve problems. The message must be simple and easy to understand. It must contain words that resonate with customers on an emotional level. For example, the iPhone. You can keep 1,000 songs in your pocket is emotional versus the iPhone has the memory to hold up to 1,000 songs, which is logical. Logic makes people think, but emotion makes them act.

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