The very best salespeople …

The very best salespeople …

The very best salespeople do not lead with their product or service. They are more like business people or consultants who can also sell. The very best salespeople are also the ones who:

  1. Are problem-solvers.
  2. Consistently deliver results while living the company’s core values.
  3. Create business value through insight, knowledge and experience.
  4. Believe in the company and its product or service.
  5. Can get things done inside their own company on behalf of the customer.
  6. Demonstrate unquestionable integrity.
  7. Display empathy for the customer.
  8. Listen more than they talk.
  9. Position solutions as investments (positive ROI) versus costs.
  10. Understand the customer’s business, industry and needs.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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