Show, Do Not Tell in Sales

Show, Do Not Tell in Sales

Michael Bosworth, the author of Solution Selling, says, all salespeople are guilty by association of the sins that other sellers have previously committed on buyers. Consequently, most buyers initially distrust salespeople. When a lack of trust exists, any information communicated by the salesperson to the buyer will the challenged, minimized or shopped. A lack of trust then can cause both delayed and lost sales. The best salespeople understand the initial trust issue and do not take it personally. They instead work to proactively address it.

In general, people believe what they see, not what they hear. Thus, the best salespeople use written material to support their presentations and proposals. Written material includes case studies, use cases and other evidence-based information. The best salespeople also write down what they have offered, proposed or said to instill confidence and credibility with the buyer. Informed, trusting buyers make decisions; uninformed, non-trusting buyers do not. Provide buyers the written information that they need to make informed, trust-based decisions. Show, do not tell.

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