Being Positive is Not Enough

Being Positive is Not Enough

Your greatest sales asset is your attitude. The best salespeople have a positive attitude before, during and after the sale. Why? They know that customers do not want to hear or see negativity from them; they are exposed to enough of it at home and work. Customers want to associate with salespeople that are positive, can-do and focused on helping them solve problems. Positive salespeople make customers feel good (people always want more of what makes them feel good). While it is easy to say no to a company or product, it is hard to say no to a positive experience.

It is not enough to be positive though. You have to protect yourself from negativity too. You would not let someone dump trash on your front lawn, would you? No! Along the same line, you should not let people dump “mental trash” on you either. You are a product of what and who you surround yourself with every day, so choose them wisely. Remember, attitude precedes everything. How you think determines what actions you take and what actions you take determine what you ultimately achieve. Positivity moves you forward. Negativity moves you backward. Be positive.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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