Customers Do Not Make Sales, Salespeople Do

Customers Do Not Make Sales, Salespeople Do

Accountability …
Prospect: “I am not buying today.”
Seller: “If you do not buy anything today it is my fault, not yours.”

Customers do not stop sales, salespeople do. Customers do not make sales, salespeople do. Closing a deal is up to the salesperson, not the customer. The problem is that most salespeople blame customers for missed, lost or lack of sales. For example, “The buyer does not know what he wants,” “The buyer will not make a decision,” etc.

Stop blaming customers and start taking full accountability for your sales results. Take full accountability for the buying process and the selling process. “Not interested,” “not ready,” etc. are reactive responses. Customers do not have the right information to make decisions or they do not trust you. No blame. No excuses. Take accountability. Take action.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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