Treat All Prospects Like Buyers

Treat All Prospects Like Buyers

Have you ever walked into a company’s lobby and said to yourself, “These guys do not have any money” or met with a prospect that you thought did not have the authority to buy a box of pens let alone approve a million dollar order? I have and it is usually a mistake on my part. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes salespeople regularly make is that they try to determine who can and cannot buy and then treat them accordingly. Or, they let circumstances influence their behavior like no budget, not the decision-maker, third-party says the prospect will never buy, etc.

The lesson: Treat all prospects like qualified buyers. If you treat prospects like they do not have any money or enough money, they will never buy from you. If, however, you treat all prospects like qualified buyers they will often turn into them. This means that in everything you do and say, from handling objections to your facial expressions, treat the prospect as someone who is going to buy your product or service. Create the buyer that you want them to be. The company with the unimpressive lobby just might have millions of dollars in the bank to spend with you.

All contents copyright © 2013, Josh Lowry. All rights reserved.


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