General Management: Key Responsibilities

General Management: Key Responsibilities

The ability to strategically and operationally lead complex organizations and their people to profitable revenue growth, both nationally and internationally, are critical components of general management. General management is most often linked to the company’s CEO and COO. However, it is also linked to the divisional and geographic leaders who report to them. While general management requires both breadth and depth of experience and perspective, responsibilities typically fall into seven categories. The seven categories include:

1 – Attracting and Retaining Key Talent
GMs must lead the organization’s effort to attract, develop and retain the industry’s best people.

2 – Communicating with Key Internal and External Stakeholders
GMs must communicate and lead the organization’s strategy and execution with customers, employees and partners.

3 – Driving Revenue Growth
GMs must consistently achieve profitable revenue and earnings growth.

4 – Key Alliances and Partnerships
GMs must develop alliances and partnerships with other organizations that create synergy for the company (1+1=3).

5 – Managing Cost Reduction Initiatives
GMs must manage and reduce costs to ensure free cash flow is maximized for the organization.

6 – Product and Service Development
GMs must adapt to the speed of change, competition and new business models to remain competitive.

7 – Strategic Planning
GMs must formulate effective strategy to create a unique position in the market.

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