Developing Yourself and Others

Developing Yourself and Others

“The business of business is people.” – Herb Kelleher, Chairman and CEO, Southwest Airlines

While leading others in an honor, it begins with an obligation. First, to develop yourself. The more you develop and grow yourself, the more value you can add to the organization and its people. Second, to develop other people. The more you develop and grow other people and help them realize their full potential, the greater their contribution and performance. Remember, in good times and bad, it is people that drive companies forward. Leaders cannot retreat or retrench to success. Leaders must lean in and move toward success by valuing the people who will take them there.

Culture brings a company, organization or team to life and sustains its direction, especially in early and growth stages. To fulfill their obligation, leaders must be totally committed to development and growth. As in all areas of business, there is an existing gap between knowing what is right and consistently doing what it right. Leaders must always do what is right. It starts with taking personal responsibility and then organizational responsibility for fostering development and growth. Leaders must never abandon or forget their initial obligation, to themselves or others.

Companies generally have unlimited potential when they attract, develop and retain great people. When you develop and growth great people, they grow the business. When people increase in capability, they also become better partners to you and the company. The time has passed when bosses and employees, followers and leaders, etc. have hard lines between them. It is not about me. It is about us and what we can do together. The greater our collective capability, the greater our potential. Commit to development and growth. It is an obligation.

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