Marketing: Voice of the Customer

Marketing: Voice of the Customer

Buzzwords may sound great in business plans and marketing slides, but do they resonate well with both customers and prospects? More often than not, no. For example, “Leading provider of highly scalable, next generation cloud platforms for holistically connecting and empower customers.” Huh? Do customers really think and speak that way? No! While that example is extreme, the point is marketing communications need to include the voice of the customer; i.e., the emotion and language that customers really use. How do you determine it? You ask your existing customers.

Companies with effective marketing speak to existing customers qualitatively (to gain an understanding of underlying motivations and reasons), not quantitatively (to quantify data from structured questionnaires and surveys). They talk with existing customers to understand how they use their product or service, think about them, talk about them and perceive them. These conversations uncover the emotions that actual customers feel and the language they use. These companies then use it to communicate to and connect with prospects to grow their business.

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One Response to Marketing: Voice of the Customer

  1. Kaitlin Quinn says:

    It is important for marketers to use the voice of the customer in their communications, so they understand the company’s message.


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