Leaders Are Coaches … and Coachable

Leaders Are Coaches ... and Coachable

Coaching people to realize their full potential is what great leaders do. Everyone needs a coach, even superstar performers. Why? People have a natural ceiling that they hit over time. Having a coach is one of the best ways to consistently break through that ceiling. Leaders must also remain coachable about their leadership impact. As leaders move up the corporate ladder, they hear less and less feedback. By receiving, seeking and using feedback, they can maintain and strengthen their influence. Being a coach and being coachable are discussed in greater detail below.

Great Leaders Are Coaches
Coaches help bring a person from where they are to where they want to be. Leaders are not buddies, they are leaders. Leadership is about building loyalty to the company, its mission and its values, not to yourself. The best coaches help people learn how to act and think on their own versus telling them what to do or think. Those are the leaders that you will remember and learn from the most in your career. In business, growing people capability directly correlates to growing organizational capability. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to increase potential and results.

Great Leaders Are Coachable
When most people receive feedback, they argue, explain or rationalize their behavior, which can be career limiting. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. When it is given, listen to it. The spirit of feedback is to make you better. Feedback can be the most important advice you can get. While feedback can sting, your toughest critics can be your most helpful voices. Put your ego in check. If integrity is the greatest attribute of leadership, ego is its greatest enemy. The day you stop receiving feedback is the day you stop growing. Question: Are you coachable?

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