Using Creative Limitation to Drive Innovation

Using Creative Limitation to Drive Innovation

“We need to first be limited in order to become limitless.” – Phil Hansen

Creative limitation is purposely limiting yourself to drive creativity. When you need to spark personal or team creativity, enforce limitations to generate new ideas. By enforcing limitations, thinking occurs outside the normal parameters, generally resulting in better, more creative work. For example, being able to effectively communicate your company’s mission statement in 140 characters or less on Twitter. Or, providing career and professional development feedback to someone in 100 words or less. Limitations force creativity and often directness and thoughtfulness.

Creative limitation can also be used to achieve a new effects or goals that would not otherwise be possible using more conventional, traditional methods. As multi-media artist Phil Hansen asked in his 2013 TED Talk Embrace the Shake, “What could you create with only a dollar of art supplies?” Or, how would you promote a new product with only $100 budget versus $100,000 budget? By embracing the limitation of the $100, you open up the limitless possibilities available to you. There is freedom within boundaries. Spark your creativity by thinking inside the box.

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